Tribute Artists

Elvis Tribute Artists
Aron, Jesse (Wisconsin)
Ayotte, Chris (Detroit)
Matt Cage (Canada)
Cass,Irv (Indiana/Michigan) – On Facebook
Days, Leo (National)
Dexter, Colin (Jackson, MI)
Flagg, Quentin  (Indiana)
Hagel, Darrin (Detroit)
Icenhower, Dwight (Florida)
Kabakos, Stephen (Canada)
Kavan (Illinois)
King, Matt (Jackson, MI)
Klush, Shawn (National)
McLean, Don "Tulsa" (Detroit)
Miller, Nick (Illinois)
Parker, Kraig (Texas)
Slater, Jake
Slaughter, Cody (National)
Torres, Ted (Florida)
Washington, Robert (Maine) – no link is known at this time
Wolfe, Fred (Detroit)
Zeligman, Dean (Missouri)
ETA Bands
The Change of Habit Tribute Band (Chicago area)
Expense Account Show Band (Chicago area)
The Josh Ramses Band (local Michigan band from Bay City)


There is an established Elvis Entertainers Network which has additional show information.  Many shows feature a collaboration of Elvis and other acts such as Rod Stewart, Elton John, and Roy Orbison.